#NYR2019 Entry For Christina Barrow

#NYR2019 Entry For Christina Barrow

It’s my pleasure to host Christina Barrow’s entry for the New Year’s Revolution event [#NYR2019]. 🙂 


Jaira watched her father working with runes, increasing his spell to drive out any malicious intents in others, and protect from corruption.  There was a prophecy that evil would be overtaking the land and all signs were pointing to this happening within her generation.  It hurt her to think that her father’s spell was to be used primarily on her, as she had no intentions of ever causing harm, but she did understand that others out there would attempt to trick or coerce her into doing their will.  Not everyone was like her family’s trusted advisor, the clan’s lead mage, Erikel.  She sighed.  At the very least, the protection part of the spell would serve her well in the coming years.

Erikel loved Jaira as the sister he never had, and he had counseled her father against changing the protection spell.  In the times to come, Jaira would not only need her intelligence, but that human aspect of guile and cunning in order to serve the greater good.  The Greater Good.  Aconis had seemed to lose sight of that lately.   It was good that Jaira was going to take over – the clan needed someone stronger, and the land needed more of her healing – if he didn’t know better he would swear that Jaira was part dryad, not the daughter of a warlock and priestess mage.  She had a talent for drawing on the earth’s power – most thought it was though runes, but he suspected it was more innate than that.

Erikel and Jaira had many conversations over this new aspect of her coming of age ceremony.  It was not good to be imbalanced.  He knew that Jaira would be changed by Aconis’ doing.  They were afraid that the new spell would take away Jaira’s ability to think forward into how something seemingly innocent could be used for evil.  It would take away her “edge” -and a good ruler needed that.  Aconis thought that Jaira’s talent for sight and her empath traits would make up for any naiveté.  

Once Aconis cast any undesirable traits out of Jaira, Erikel was to take them on.   Aconis would think them destroyed.  But once they were alone again in their lessons, Erikel would transfer them back into Jaira.

It was Jaira’s coming of age ceremony, where what magic was still dormant in her was to be awakened.  Jaira stood in the middle of the circle of glowing runes, Erikel behind her, and Aconis and Eris casting spells on their daughter.  Aconis protecting; Eris awakening.

A large black ball of darkness came out of Jaira.  Erikel reached out for it mentally; it crackled and dispersed.  He quietly cast a gathering spell instead of the destruction spell and took it in.  Why was this so hard to do?  This should be easy for one of his power.  Was he finally feeling his age?   Jaira’s essence finally hit him.  Earthy, rooted, only half ethereal, but more powerful than he suspected.  If she was not full mage- who was she?  But that was a question for another time.  For now, the only thing that mattered was that it worked.   He felt weak.  Was it that taxing to be carrying around everything negative from Jaira? Or had some of his power been drained and transferred to Jaira?  He suspected the latter.

The day after the ceremony, Jaira burst into Erikel’s study, startling the man from his thoughts.   In her current state, she was unable to bear anything she felt was a wrongdoing, or keep any lie or secret.  She had to make things right, immediately.  “I have something of yours.”   She gathered a white ball of light and offered it to Erikel.  So it WAS as he had suspected.  Aconis had found a way to transfer some of Erikel’s power into Jaira.   Erikel paused.  The greater good.  Was this not for the greater good?  To make the next ruler more powerful to fight whatever evil was coming?  He should tell Jaira to keep it.  But wasn’t HE the one that worked hard to get where he was – the lead mage – the one that would be next in line as ruler if Aconis hadn’t had an heir?   He took the light Jaira offered and felt his powers surge.  In return, he gathered a small ball of dark smoke and offered it to Jaira.  “I’ll sort through the rest of her traits later,” he thought.  “For now, this is enough to return. I am still in need of her essence.”


748 words / Christina Barrow


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2 Replies to “#NYR2019 Entry For Christina Barrow”

  1. Ooo, I really like this one! This feels like the kind of classic high fantasy that has long been my favorite setting! Intriguing characters and I’m fascinated to know more–what came before and/or what comes next! I was concerned we were setting up for a Jekyll & Hyde problem, which may still be the case, but either way tinkering with essence like that is both fascinating and frightening.

  2. Love the ending to this, when we see the impact of Jaira’s darkness on Erikel. Very subtly sinister.