Extracurricular Gaming

Extracurricular Gaming

A real life scenario mingled with gaming fun …

The Writer (me): Augh! The mail is running late today! On a related note, if impatience was a virtue, I’d be a saint!

The Artist: Settle down, Oh Incoherent One! I sent the figurine to your office.

The Writer: Doh! I’m so excited I forgot that little detail. It’s my day off but I’ll have my cubemate call me when the package arrives. I’ll run down and pick it up as soon as it’s there! #alltheexcite

The Artist: You know what will happen if you go into the office, right? ‘Oh, as long as you’re here, can you …’ Better roll a D20 to determine whether or not you have enough Sneak Thief Skill to successfully escape.

The Writer: rolls a 15

The Artist: Whew! You dodge the boss but a busy co-worker spots you and heads your way with stacks of files. Roll Charisma to negotiate.

The Writer: Rolls 11 vs Charisma 14

The Artist: Choose your fate.

Do you:
(a) Grab package and flee
(b) Stun with printer toner powder
(c) Offer to work a half day?
Roll vs Wisdom to choose.

The Writer: rolls 9 vs Wisdom 16.

Chooses to stun co-worker with printer toner powder and escape with package.

The Artist: While making your escape, you spill the toner powder all over yourself too, accidently transforming yourself into a homeless waif. Can you get past the security guard without being arrested or detained?

Roll vs Constitution to determine outcome.

The Writer: rolls 13 vs Constitution 16

The Artist: It’s a close call but you safely pass the security guard because he is chatting with the coffee cart lady.

The Writer: Sweet! Easy as taking candy from a baby. Or casting my Ranger’s spell ‘Pass Without A Trace.’

Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The mail just arrived! The package is there! My sis emailed me a photo!

Thank you! The ranger figurine is beautiful! Her colors are perfect! And the arrow fletching is superb! TY!!!

breaks into dance of joy

The Artist: Kudos on overcoming the Dungeon of Impatience, Lady Bullish!