Emergency Rations

Emergency Rations

All week the weather forecasters have been serving up the grim weekend prognosis:

  • High winds
  • Heavy snowfall
  • Freezing temperatures

Q: What’s a sensible girl to do by way of preparation?

A: Run right down to the nearest mega-store and stock up for the long cold snow hell ahead, right?!

So, this afternoon, shopping list in hand, I drive to walmart and do my best to efficiently navigate the fray of frantic fellow customers.

Fifteen minutes later, I head for the checkout, feeling slightly smug that I have been such a capable and efficient consumer.

Only to find myself confronted with astronomical lines. And curious stares.

I glance around at all the carts piled high with survival supplies such as:

  • food
  • water
  • batteries
  • first aid items
  • warm clothing
  • propane
  • blankets

,,, and then down at my little hand-basket where there’s a tidy stack of items I'm seriously hoping will be enough to get me through the storm:

  • a scrapbook magazine as inspiration and resource material for an ‘in the works’ project
  • a double-pack of tabbed dividers to aid in the organizing of some unwieldy writing manuals
  • a stack of sheet protectors for safeguarding my latest batch of graphic proofs
  • a notebook in case inspiration strikes and my laptop is on hiatus (due to an electrical outage and ensuing battery death)

Slowly, and with a rising sense of hysteria – the laughing kind – I realize that the phrase Emergency Rations means different things to different people.

See, its easy-as-can-be for me to bundle up snug-as-a-bug, eat pb&j for every meal seven days straight and fashion world-class bandages from fifteen year old sweat socks.

You got a national weather disaster brewing? Well bring it on, bubba, cuz I’m your mop-up girl.

But let INACTIVITY and his red-headed step-brother BOREDOM so much as glance at me and I'm reduced to a quivering bucket of hysteria – the weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth kind.

That's why my concept of emergency rations includes plenty of activities to occupy my mind, channel my creativity and hold boredom at bay.

Mock me if you must, but think about this: when the snow melts and life gets back to normal next week, all the regular folk are going to have to show for their Snow Days are a couple extra bags of canned goods for the recycle bin and some good old gut-rot – whereas I’m gonna have a conga line of origami penguins, a cupboard full of poor man’s granola and a knapsack of carefully woven and wildly colorful yarns with which to regale you.

Who’s your daisy now, my little chick-a-dees?!

Now, quick like snowbunnies, tell me what you'd consider as emergency rations!