Character Creation For Storium Game #2

Character Creation For Storium Game #2


This is the first move for a character I created in a Storium game titled Stormers.


Got my mojo working …

Mierda. Just once it would be nice if the Holy Mother could answer Meryl’s prayers with something less ironic. Especially since The Blessed One was the only maternal figure she’d ever had.

Bad enough for her tow-truck , emblazoned on both door panels with the family slogan, Lazarus Automotive: Car Revival Specialists, to be stranded out here in this freakish fog with a busted radiator and no replacement parts.

But who does the Sainted Mother send to save her? The pip of a cop who’d been on scene at that traffic fatality last month.

… but it just won’t work on you.

Nothing wrong with the cop. She was personable enough. Competent enough too. Just pretty damn unlikely she was going to be any good under the hood.

And that’s what she needed right now. Someone who knew a spark plug from a dip stick. Like papa. Or abuelo. Or Joe.

Wiping the sweat off her neck with a shop towel, she stuck her head around the raised truck hood and eyed the blonde. “Don’t just stand there looking like the second coming of Annie Oakley. Either shoot me or tell me you’re packing a stock radiator.”

I wanna love you so bad …

As expected, no shots rang out and no radiator materialized. Far as she was concerned, that concluded this exchange. She needed to get back to the shop as soon as possible.

But the cop asked a question in return, something about a missing girl. More questions followed. Had she noticed any unusually thick fog?

None of it made sense. Course, she didn’t hear most of it. Soon as the cop uttered the word ‘missing’ she clenched the socket-wrench so hard her knuckles looked like ghosts.

… til I don’t know what to do.

Muddy’s lyrics struck home. Joe was missing because she hadn’t known how to handle his confession. She’d be damned if anyone else went missing while she stood idly by.

Maybe she didn’t believe in all the paranormal crap the cop was spouting but there was definitely something unnatural about the fog. Besides, Clerval had a solid reputation, even if she seemed a bit keyed up at the moment.

Sighing, she closed the hood and grabbed a rucksack of tools and a knapsack of supplies out of the truck bed. She’d help look for the girl, but as soon as she came across a radiator she could use, she was gone.

There was somebody else wandering around in that damn fog and she wasn’t going to let him down again.

Got my mojo working …



Below is the character card I created for Meryl: