Ruling The Web

Ruling The Web

How To Take Over The World Wide Web For Free


So, you want to start a blog or website but you’re not sure where to begin.

The good news is you can do it yourself in under an hour and without spending a dime.

Bullish Ink was founded on the following five apps and continues to use them on a daily basis.

Each has a free version. You can upgrade to a paid version at any time.

Take a few minutes to brainstorm before you begin.

  • a list of possible blog/site names and passwords
  • the focus of your blog/site

Use the same name across every app to streamline the setup process. Think branding.

The goal is to make it easy for your audience to find you. Think consistency.

For example: Bullish Ink is a website, twitter handle, and facebook page.

Begin a website. Build out from there. And do it all for zero, zip, nada. 🙂  


(1) – Build your blog or website

Signing up is quick and painless.

There's a ton of pertinent advice and suport on the WordPress site and on the web.

Use templates and widgets to customize your site.

Narrow your focus to your target audience.

Search the web for currnet blog/site trends.

Produce consistent and beneficial content.

Post your content on your social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, etc.

* Note: is a self-hosted site and offers a free version. is a hosted site and does not offere a free version. There are a variety of differences between them. Be sure to research what's best for you before beginning to build your blog/site.

(2) Twitter – Build your network

Signing up is quick and easy.

Use the name of your blog/site as your username/handle.

Customize your profile with a photo, header, and blurb.

Keep the profile consistent with the focus and tone of your site.

Look for people with similar interents. Engage. Follow. Repeat. 

Tweet. Retweet. Reply.

Remember to mind your manners even when others don't.

(3) Facebook Page – Broaden your network

Setup a page.

Customize your profile with a photo, header, and blurb.

Post content your own and what is related to your blog/site (brand) focus.

(4) Hootsuite – Nurture your network

Setup up an account.

This is social media engagement made easy.

Schedule posts to twitter and facebook.

Engage with retweets and replies.

(5) Evernote – Organize your blog/site

Set up an account.

Download and sync the app to your phone.

Take notes, capture inspiration, and stay on schedule.

This app does it all so you don't have to.


Now, sit back, sip a cold ice tea, and rule the web from the comfort of your recliner.