Character Sketch for Storium Game #1

Character Sketch for Storium Game #1

A move for a character I created in a Storium game titled Carriers. 


The color in Luma’s cheeks worries her. She leans in to touch her forehead, fearing the fever is back.

Luma swats her hand away and her voice trills out like birdsong, high and flighty. “I’m fine, my feathered friend.”

She toughens her gaze. “Those scarlet cheeks say otherwise.”

“Merely the result of a necessary endorphin spike,” says Luma, bright eyes shuttered by fluttering lashes.

Okay. Maybe the flush isn’t fever related but there’s definitely something rotten in Denmark. Or the Sprawl. Whatever. This is new behavior. Which makes it suspect.

She goes back to packing supplies. “So, does the cause of this endorphin spike have a name?”

A helium balloon giggle precedes a single word. “Jeremiah.”

Well, shit! If she hadn’t been so damn busy giving a priceless memento to a broken-hearted behemoth and rescuing ankle-biting monkeys, she’d have noticed and prevented this potential disaster.

Love is the only remedy for this fucked up world. That’s what Crow always said when they were tangled in the sheets. But look where that got them. She was here alone and he was out there, lost or worse.

No, she’s learned this lesson. Love is the one true reaper, the ravager of hearts, lives, and souls. Vicious as Kanjari thugs and merciless as the nanoplague.

She understands Luma’s vulnerability now and assumes responsibility for protecting her against it.

Nothing personal. Jeremiah appears to be a standup guy – so far.

But Luma isn’t an ordinary girl. Her rare augmentations make her a priceless target. Who better to know that than a master thief?

It would be so easy to lose sight of Luma’s humanity and focus on her technology.

  • The technology that keeps her IMP updated and her heart beating.
  • The technology that might one day sustain Crow in the same way, if she finds him.
  • The technology that could be traded – in piece or in whole – to save her skin or ransom her lover or buy her a safe comfortable life.

She knows the cost of silently pledging her loyalty every morning and the struggle to love and cherish the person, not the gadgetry.

And if she cannot fully trust herself with Luma, who she considers her only friend, how can she trust anyone else?

Trust – a fool’s currency.

Love – a fool’s myth.

Friendship – the only thing precious enough in this world that even a fool fights to hold onto it.