Flash Fiction: Til Death Do Us Part

Flash Fiction: Til Death Do Us Part

She promised to give me her heart but I settled for her head.

Don’t get me wrong – I loved that woman like coffee loves cream, like cellulite loves thighs, like brokers love hedge-funds.

Came down to a simple matter of life and death: my life, her death.

Never did buy into all that gloom-and-doom apocalypse stuff, so when it reached up and took a bite out of my sweetheart, I was madder than a two-headed-tick.

And just as soon as I’m done burning out the rest of these foul-breathed, rip-saw-tattooed, appendage-dropping, bloody-drool-trailing skin-scarce, cadaver creeps, I’m gonna bury what little is left of my wife in a proper grave and get the hell out of this county faster than you can say ‘brain, it’s the other red meat.’