Character Sketch for Tenacious


The house is dark and quiet when Margot arrives home after work. She leaves the car in the driveway, skirts the sprinklers on the back lawn, and dumps her jacket and bag on a patio chair.

The wind shifts, chasing damp birch leaves and lilac petals across the cement until they bump into something on the patio, something quiet and patient and warm.

She reaches into her bag for smokes, lights one, and takes a slow drag. “Now that you’ve caught me smoking, I suppose there are no more secrets between us.” Continue reading

Character Sketch For The Bestiary



A coyote and an alligator walk into a bar.

     Sounds like the setup to a joke.

          But this is one punch-line you don’t want to stick around for.

Crowd at the Naked Porcupine is riled tonight. Friction echoes between the brick walls and whines down the bar’s copper-topped counter like current on a telephone wire. The place is wet with sweat and booze, sticky and squishy, like everything else in Malady, Louisiana.

Etienne settles onto a worn barstool at the far end of the bar where he can see who comes and goes, tosses back a pair of whiskeys, and nurses a third, waiting. Continue reading