That’s My Story

So, the internet ate my blog. I’m scrambling to rebuild it, adding posts every day, and hope to have things back to normal by the end of March. If you come across links that don’t work or other little gremlins, please let me know and I’ll get things patched up pronto.

Thank you for your patience.

Bullish :)

Character Sketch For Storium (B)

The first move for a character I created in a Storium game titled Stormers.


Got my mojo working …

Mierda. Just once it would be nice if the Holy Mother could answer Meryl’s prayers with something less ironic. Especially since The Blessed One was the only maternal figure she’d ever had.

Bad enough for her tow-truck , emblazoned on both door panels with the family slogan,

Lazarus Automotive – Car Revival Specialists, to be stranded out here in this freakish fog with a busted radiator and no replacement parts.

But who does the Sainted Mother send to save her? The pip of a cop who’d been on scene at that traffic fatality last month.
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