Paint Chips and Grownups

This post is a labor of love and testament to epic doggedness. ;)

Here’s the deal. I’ve been looking forward to writing this post from the moment I chose paint chips and poetry for my A to Z Challenge and National Poetry Month mash-up theme.

Paint Chip Poetry introduced the concept.

Paint Chips and Children demonstrated the versatility of the concept, focusing on youthful imaginations and simple language arts.

Paint Chips and Grownups, this post, was supposed to demonstrate that the concept had the chops to level up, to easily transition from grammar school language arts to adult emotions and themes.
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Paint Chips and Children

I was lucky enough to have two opportunities to play with words,  paint chips, and children this week.

My grandchildren are used to me toting around paper and pens, telling stories, and hosting group ‘projects’ and ‘experiments.’

Due to the age range – between eighteen months and eight years – I am careful not to burden them with expectations during these impromptu projects.

Let’s face it, Spongebob has a real knack for pulling the rug out from under me. I’ve come to accept that. :)
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Character Sketch For The Bestiary



A coyote and an alligator walk into a bar.

     Sounds like the setup to a joke.

          But this is one punch-line you don’t want to stick around for.

Crowd at the Naked Porcupine is riled tonight. Friction echoes between the brick walls and whines down the bar’s copper-topped counter like current on a telephone wire. The place is wet with sweat and booze, sticky and squishy, like everything else in Malady, Louisiana.

Etienne settles onto a worn barstool at the far end of the bar where he can see who comes and goes, tosses back a pair of whiskeys, and nurses a third, waiting. Continue reading


Paint Chip Poetry

An Introduction

One of the first examples of Paint Chip Poetry I stumbled across was a beautiful chaos of children, colors, and language.

My original intent for this year’s AtoZ / National Poetry Month challenge was to recreate the exuberance of that fifth-grade Paint Chip Poetry.

Accordingly, I titled my project  The Color of Poetry.

However, finding 26 paint chips that offered a good mix of colors while also providing shades light enough for the words to be legible proved a Herculean feat. Continue reading


That’s My Story

So, the internet ate my blog. I’m scrambling to rebuild it, adding posts every day, and hope to have things back to normal by the end of April. If you come across links that don’t work or other little gremlins, please let me know and I’ll get things patched up pronto. Thank you for your patience. Bullish :)